Weekend hiking has become my daily routine since I wanted to keep my stamina on-going. This week is kinda different due to my colleagues decided to join me as I always talk about my weekend activity. That’s FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia).

Waterfall @ FRIM

In year 2008, I visited FRIM for more than 10 times. Compare to 2 years ago which is my first time to FRIM, we were bring around by a guide. The place is so strange to me that time. But not nowadays. It’s my routine outing during the weekend.

Carpark is FREE at outside the entrance. If want to drive into FRIM, you need to pay RM5 per car (included driver) and RM1 per person as entrance fees.

Since all my colleagues never been here, I had become a guide to them. It’s fun bringing them to this relaxation place.

Me, Teh, Mun Kit, Simon, Michelle and Lily had joined me. It’s rather easy for some of us as it’s merely took an hour to complete it. Teh is my team member during Eco-Challenge 3 months ago. He is tough in physical stamina, and such hiking look easy for him. In fact, he is looking for a more challenging place. Ermm.

You know what is the purpose for this outing? Simon wanted to train on the stamina before going to Taman Negara (National Park) in this coming March. Not bad since I manage to find more hiking kakis at this moment.

Let’s choose our next hiking destination then. See you there.