Finally, I’d my first credit card canceled after 4 years owning it. As it was a proud of owning one when I started working. My financial by then is up and down. To unassociated it is become harder as I have more than 10 active cards. It’s damn scary and I don’t know why I have been dragged into situation like this.

However, I shall treat the cards as a discounted card. Need more focus in building up my wise in spending and accumulating reward point. Some cards provide non expiry reward point, which is good for long term.

That’s my criteria to having a permanent primary card. Recently, I was charged for annual fees (which is not waivable) and I find it truly unfavorable for me. I’m quite fedup and understand that it’s a price to pay for this stupid plastic card.

Hence, I start to cancel my credit card! Here I am.